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Admissions To Casllwchwr Primary School


The school follows the Local Education Authority Admissions Procedure.


To apply for a place at Casllwchwr Primary School, an application form must be filled in on an application completed online. The school will then consider the request for a place. Visits to see the school can be made by prior arrangement by contacting the Headteacher on 01792 892420 or by calling into the school to arrange a time.


We welcome an opportunity to share with you our caring school environment and welcome visits to the school. We allocate places in our Nursery Class as soon as possible after the child’s third birthday. This may mean a short wait if the existing classes are already full.


Our Nursery is very popular and it is a good idea to fill in an admission form well in advance as this helps us to plan classes and sometimes to access funding for staff. It’s never too early to put your child’s name down for Nursery!

Pupils enrolled in the Nursery do not have an automatic right to a full-time place in the Reception Class.


Applications for a Reception place must be made online by a set date in the Spring Term and these are then processed and places allocated by the Local Authority. The late completion of an application may mean that a full-time place may not be available at the school for the following September. More details are available on the Local Authority website: 








If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.