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2017 Activity Days

2016-17 Activity Days

Activity Days linking with the new areas of learning (AOLs)

At Casllwchwr, we have planned a whole school end of year set of activity Days where 127 pupils from from Years 1- 6 were grouped together to experience a wide range of activties. There were 12 activities on offer, with pupils completing 4 a day. Activities involved all staff and Year 6 pupils as leaders of the 12 groups. They took the mixed age group around the different learning experiences:

Designing and building bug hotels in the nature reserve with Miss Glendon

Creating and designing ICT games – coding, with Mrs Reece in our learning lounge

Fun problem solving with Mrs Austin

Film and visual literacy with Mrs Jones

Gardening club with Miss Kate and Mrs Beers

Yoga with Mrs Powell

Circuits with Mr. Sandles

Cookery with Mrs Harris and Miss Kaminaris

Art with Miss Gale

Craft with Mrs John

Music activities with Mrs Poiner and Mrs Williams



What did the pupils think of their activity days? Will we do them again?


The pupils really enjoyed their days. Their responses for these days are below. We WILL do more activity days next year after listening to our learners!