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Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) is a positive and protective part of the Curriculum for Wales and forms part of the Health and Wellbeing area of learning in supporting learners emotional and physical wellbeing. It plays a central role in supporting learners’ rights to enjoy fulfilling, healthy and safe relationships throughout their lives. RSE supports learners to develop the knowledge, skills and values to understand how relationships and sexuality shape their lives as well as the lives of others.


The aim of RSE is to equip and empower them with the knowledge, understanding and skills to form and maintain ‘healthy, safe and fulfilling relationships of all kinds’ based on trust and respect. It should enable them to know what a healthy relationship looks like and what makes a good friend, it gives them an understanding of different family structures and relationships. It will give them the information needed to keep themselves and others safe in a technologically advanced society.


It will give learners the understanding of laws to protect them, their rights and the rights of others and help them make sense of an ever changing and diverse world.


It includes an understanding of puberty, conception and personal hygiene. RSE will be taught by trained staff at the school in partnership with School Nurses.


In accordance with legislation, RSE at Casllwchwr will be inclusive, pluralistic, factually correct and provide opportunities for learners to critically engage and respond to all areas of the RSE curriculum. The Code states that RSE must be ‘developmentally appropriate for learners, taking into account a range of factors such as the leaners age, knowledge and maturity and any additional learning needs’.


RSE is a mandatory requirement in the Curriculum for Wales for all learners from age 3 to 16. This means that all learners must receive this education. There is no right to withdraw from RSE within the Curriculum for Wales.

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