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Whole School Approach to Emotional and Mental Well - Being

Whole School Approach to Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

The Framework on embedding a whole-school approach to emotional and mental wellbeing was issued in March 2021. It aims to address the emotional and mental well-being of all children and young people, as well as school staff as part of the whole-school community. 


The whole-school approach seeks to support good emotional and mental well-being by promoting a positive cultural environment in schools, where children and young people form positive relationships with staff and other learners, and relationships are strengthened:


  • between teaching staff
  • with the school senior leadership team and wider school staff
  • with parents and carers
  • with other professionals working with the school
  • with the wider community that surrounds the school 

                                                                                           ( WG Framework on embedding a whole school approach to 

                                                                                             emotional and mental well-being March 2021) 





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