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School Council School Development Tea Party Review 27th February 2024

Mrs Reece met with school council to review our school development targets. Please click here to take you to our self development plan page to read their evaluation and what they think about aspects of our school so far this year. 

School Development Plan Learner Review

January 16th 2023

Today we held another School Development Plan Review meeting with school council. Mr Thomas and Mrs Reece met with the council members to review our SDP and also what they felt was good about leadership, teaching and learning, Curriculum and Well-being and equity. See below for the minutes of the meeting.


School Development Plan Learner Review January 2023

Head Boy and Head Girl meet with Governing Body

November 2022

HB and HG met with our curriculum sub-committee governors, and presented on our Casllwchwr Passport of Experiences. They discussed why they felt these were important for a child's duration at Casllwchwr.  



October 2022


School Council : Popping Passport of experiences session

We met to decide what Casllwchwr experiences should be offered to the children during their duration at our school. We had fun deciding what suits us at Casllwchwr! We can't wait to track these experiences!




In May 2022, we held our first School Development Plan tea party. This was really successful. We worked hard together to be as honest as we can to take our school forward with our targets and identify ways that are working and things to improve. It really helped us focus on developments for September 2022 priorities and ways forward.