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Learning Welsh/Dysgu Cymraeg

Learn Welsh / Dysgu Cymraeg

The Welsh language is a key part of the region's culture and identity, being the primary language spoken in some of our communities, as well as having a significant presence in many workplaces, learning institutions, and around our town and village streets.


Why is Welsh language important to children's learning?


There are also educational benefits in learning two languages, with research showing that it helps develop cognitive skills. Children who learn Welsh at school often have better writing skills and find it easier to learn other foreign languages as they get older, due to their early grounding in two languages.


Please see the resources that we have listed below to assist with the learning of Welsh.

Speak Welsh at home - Clwb Cwtsh. Would you like to speak Welsh at home? Here is information on an 8 week taster programme and it's free!