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2018 Activity Days


Pupil Voice and activity days

This year, we decided to ask all pupils what they wanted to do this year. School council collated ideas from pupil voice groups; then had a meeting with our chair of governors and chose the activities from the lists they were given. The range of activities were vast and pupils really enjoyed working in groups and completing 4 activities cross phase each day for the 2 days. 

This year, they chose:




ICT- game building and coding

PE- gymnastics indoors

PE- games outside

Junk modelling

Lego construction

Clay modelling and pebble painting for our pathway

Balloon art

Learning a new language - French

Street dance 

Here are some of the activities in action:



Activity days 2018 pictures

Lego and team building
Junk modelling
Apparatus: The floor is Lava. Building resilience
Learning French
Clay modelling
Building our own games to play using Bloxells
Pebble painting
Using the mirco:bit to code
Making...and eating pizzas
Creating our own pedometers to then test
Programming and coding
Some animated games too!
Junk modelling

Evaluating our days!


Year 5 then decided to gather the responses from the pupil voice within our school. 




Rest assured...we shall continue to listen to what you want from these days, boys and girls! We look forward to 2019 activity days!