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'Estuary Education' Featuring Our 'Estuary Explorers'

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Estuary Education - As Featured on ITV Coast and Country

November 2022

Our fantastic Estuary Education learning offer has recently been featured on the ITV national television programme, Coast and Country, hosted by Sean Fletcher. The programme showcased the work of our brilliant children and our amazing staff.  We hope you managed to enjoy the coverage and it has given you an even deeper insight into how we take our learning outdoors, and the huge range of educational, health and wellbeing benefits of our Estuary Education provision.


If you would like to watch this episode in full, please follow the link below:


Please see below a Tweet from ITV Coast and Country advertising the programme.


'Estuary Education' Featuring Our 'Estuary Explorers'


We are so excited to launch our brand new 'Estuary Education' Outdoor Learning offer! We are so very lucky to be able to learn and work with our children in a school that is situated on the doorstep of the beautiful Loughor Estuary and within walking distance of an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Special Scientific Interest. This page is dedicated to providing our community with all of the information about this amazing opportunity. We will be sharing with you our experiences and we hope you enjoy finding out about what our children have been learning. Diolch!

What the children think!


We asked the children about what they think about their estuary sessions.  Here are some of the things that they had to say.


"We enjoy learning outdoors.'


"We learned how to measure perimeter outside.  It was like learning in the real world."


"I enjoyed learning about animal dangers and plotting them on a map."


"I liked it when we plotted the mini beasts that we found using coordinates."


"I enjoyed working as a team to make a shelter.  It was a big challenge."


"I think its nicer to learn outside than in school as you get fresh air and learn about nature."


"Learning with nature is fun because i like discovering and love getting my hands dirty."


"We use natural resources to help us with our Maths."


"I enjoyed making symmetrical pictures."


"I like going to the estuary because it's a change of scenery and we learn different things than in school.  I really like doing art at the estuary especially using clay."


"Learning about angles was really fun outside."


"It was really fun to learn different ways of measuring tree height and see if they were reliable."


"I really enjoy playing the nature tag game called you're only safe if you are touching a ..."


"It's nicer to be outside learning."


"Fresh air!"

Casllwchwr Chronicle - 'Estuary Education' / 'Estuary Explorers' - Special Launch Edition