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Progression and Assessment

Assessment and Progression at Casllwchwr Primary School



The guidance for assessment in the new curriculum for wales documents states that: As Curriculum for Wales rolls out in schools and settings across Wales, it marks a significant shift in the role of assessment within education, at both a national and a school/setting level. We are clear that the purpose of assessment is to support each individual learner to progress at an appropriate pace, ensuring they are supported and challenged accordingly. To do so, the Curriculum for Wales (CfW), as defined in the Supporting Learner Progression: Assessment Guidance sets out that we assess for three key reasons to:

  • support individual learners on an ongoing, day-to-day basis
  • identify, capture and reflect on individual learner progress over time
  • understand group progress in order to reflect on practice


To enable this approach to assessment, aspects of the current arrangements that do not support the ethos of Curriculum for Wales will be removed and new requirements will be introduced to ensure that supporting learners to make progress is at the heart of assessment going forward. As part of this, practitioners can build on and further develop assessment methods that are already in use to support learners to progress on an ongoing, day-to-day basis, and look to develop new strategies.


At Casllwchwr Primary School, we have followed the guidance and are moving away from nationally required teacher assessments as part of a nationally prescribed curriculum. Working within the Curriculum for Wales framework, this change recognises that schools are best placed to design the most appropriate curriculum and assessment arrangements for their learners and their contexts.


We have worked extremely hard in designing a bespoke curriculum which is relevant to our children and school context, selecting the knowledge, skills and experiences that best support our learners to progress in the ways described in Curriculum For Wales. We are continually developing and revising our school assessment, tracking and progression arrangements to support each individual learner to progress in relation to our 'Casllwchwr Curriculum'. The identifies where the learner is in their learning, their next steps and the support or challenge needed to move forward in their learning.