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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher: Mr Owen Thomas

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Reece  

School Clerk: Mrs Debra Brayley

ALNCo: Mrs Rachel Smith

Year 6 teacher: Mr Phil Smith (Mrs Natalie Austin - Welsh Sabbatical 2020/21)

Year 5 teacher: Mrs Sarah Reece

Year 4 teachers: Mrs Lisa Jones & Miss Chloe Preece

Year 3 teachers: Mrs Angharad Williams & Miss Chloe Preece

Year 2 teachers: Mrs Susan Ashman & Miss Chloe Preece

Year 1 teachers: Miss Adrienne Glendon & Mrs Rachel Smith

Reception teacher: Mrs Laura Poiner & Mrs Kirsty Taylor

Nursery teacher: Mrs Laura Poiner & Mrs Kirsty Taylor


Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Kath John 

Miss Kate Wosika
Mrs Andrea Powell
Miss Mandy Gale
Mrs Diane Hall
Mrs Sylvia Beers
Mrs Tracy Leahy
Mrs Gaynor Ayres

Mrs Carla Chatfield

Miss Michelle Coombs
Mrs Emma Harris
Mrs Katie Jones

Mrs Laura Kidwell
Mr Amy Ferguson


Caretaker: Mr. Simon Rees