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Year 3

Autumn Term 2023 in Year 3 : Open Your `Eyes week

Circus Eruption Experience

Missions in Year 3

Christmas fun in Year 3

We LOVE how our cards are all designed differently. We chose our card colour, shape of our cards and the designs we hung on them. Mrs Reece is really proud of us!

Summer Term 2024 Learning and Experiences

Creating, debugging and developing algorithms in the outdoors, following on from our coding lessons using Scratch

During our Estuary Education session, we created our own algorithms which would make a picture using. natural resources. We noted down our algorithms and tried them in order to debug them. Then we took a photo of our outdoor artwork. We then passed our algorithms to another group, and they had to follow our instructions in order to re-create the pictures. We compared theirs to ours, and looked at where instructions need to be more specific and detailed, and we debugged some steps. We had such fun!

Coding in Year 3

In Year 3, we have been exploring 'algorithms' and have debugged them. We then moved on to use block code on Scratch and have coded a sprite and created games.