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Estuary Dates Spring Term 2023 1

Estuary Education Dates - Spring Term 2023

Here are the Estuary Education dates for the first Spring half term which will take us up until the half term in February.


Year 1 – 25th January, 8th February  

Year 2 – 25th January, 8th February 

Year 3 – 17th January , 31st January, 14th February  

Year 4 – 23rd January, 6th February  

Year 5 – 18th January, 1st February, 15th February  

Year 6 – 18th January, 1st February, 15th February 


*Please be aware that these dates could alter depending on school events or events that are out of our control. We will also be using our school nature reserve and the Estuary at other points during the course of the term, which we will communicate with yourselves at the  earliest possible convenience. Many thanks.


As the weather is colder in the winter months, we would advise pupils to layer up on Estuary Education sessions, particularly if pupils are not wearing waterproof coats and trousers.  We also advise that pupils wear a woolly hat and gloves.  On wet days or where we have had a lot of rain prior to the session, it may be worth sending in spare clothes in case the child get a little wet. 


Please see the image below of a suggested clothing guide for outdoor activities.