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Ambitious and Capable Learners

Ambitious, capable learners in Casllwchwr


Ambitious Capable Learners who…
Set themselves high standards and seek and enjoy challenge
Are building up a body of knowledge and have the skills to connect and apply that knowledge in different contexts
Are questioning and enjoy solving problems
Can communicate effectively in different forms and settings, using both Welsh and English
Can explain the ideas and concepts they are learning about
Can use number effectively in different contexts
Understand how to interpret data and apply mathematical concepts
Use digital technologies creatively to communicate, find and analyse information
Undertake research and evaluate critically what they find

What does this look like through the school?


Year 1 and Year 2 do this through things such as:
Differentiated challenges
Rich tasks and real-life contexts
Reasoning and challenge books
Slot ddrillio and helpwr heddiw
Enhanced planning
Outdoor areas
Data rich tasks and planning parent days
Construction areas, role plays and entrepreneurial week


Year 3 & 4 do this through things such as  :
Self and peer assessment
Gap targets
Success criteria
Chilli challenges
Rich tasks across the curriculum e.g. 6 nations where they interpreted the match data
Maths- white Rose Hubb maths, Design technology and team games such as journeying in PE
Welsh lessons, Oracy projects (1 a year), Criw Cymraeg, pupil voice groups, Slot ddrillio
Assessment for Learning, skills sharing,
Problem solving in Design Technology  and reasoning activities
Using he whiteboard to display AFL, spreadsheets and databases created
In their Tudor carousel, applying their key skills of language, maths and digital competency.


Years 5 & 6 do this through things such as:

Self and peer assessment,
Maths Mastery and Maths Movers
Key Skills Detectives- topic related each term
Rich tasks which are linked to real life situations e.g. planning a trip : Triptastic!
QUADs grids
Science investigations
Oracy presentations (twice a year- related to topics )
Using screen casts and screen shots to explain strategies
using many Assessment for Learning strategies such as : Head/Heart/Bin/Chest; reflective triangle
Using spreadsheets to calculate recipes, hotel prices and for sporting challenges with distance and time
Creating multimedia presentations in poetry
Having our ‘Open you Eyes Week’ which opens our eyes to our new topics and pushes us to learn more
Developing independence through Key Skills Detectives and Entrepreneurial projects